LIFE 6 Advantages and 5 Bad Effects of Using Smartphones
/ JANUARY 9, 2023
Do you remember or can you imagine how things were some two to three decades ago when there were no mobile phones? Messaging was done through letters, messengers, landlines, fax and the rest. Delays, among other inconveniences, characterized that tread. Today, things are much better; mobile phone communication has made calling, messaging, chatting, and video calling a real-time event. It is convenient, cost-effective, and can be done anywhere as long as network connectivity is available. Amid all those benefits, you cannot overlook the bad effects of frequent use of a mobile phone. Among all, there is this most recent and developing disadvantage called nomophobia. It is the fear and state of anxiousness related to being without a mobile phone. It is most rampant among campus and college youths although older adults are getting into the mix.
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LIFE How to Deal with a Job Offer
/ OCTOBER 8, 2022
Well done! You applied for a job and now after what feels like a lifetime you have heard back from them and you got the job. While it is very exciting, it is important to know how to respond to a job offer. You need to handle this just right so that you know for sure what exactly your role will be, how much your salary is and any other essential information. That is why it is best to take some time and think before you reply. Today we are helping you by showing you how to deal with a job offer.
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HEALTH How Could Black Coffee Help You Lose Weight Efficiently
/ DECEMBER 9, 2022
You probably have heard the effects of black coffee to lose weight. Many people have considered using the beverage to get rid of some extra weight. Black coffee is different from other caffeinated beverages, especially different coffee drinks because it's lacking sugar, cream, and other calorie-dense ingredients. So, if you want increased benefits from coffee, you should drink it black.
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HEALTH Chest Pain Is Always Worrying
/ JUNE 17, 2022
Pain is the way your body is telling you there is something wrong and you need to do something about it. Although you may feel pain directly on the part of the body that needs your attention, sometimes you will feel it in other places (called referred pain). Because there are many organs inside your chest, you may experience various types of pain, from crushing chest to burning in chest and back. You have your lungs, your heart, big arteries (aorta), and your gullet (esophagus) all cramped in a small space. Your stomach and your liver are also tucked under the ribs, although they are below the diaphragm, a muscle that divides your chest from your abdomen. Let us see some causes of pain and burning sensation in chest and back. Here are some commonest causes and ways on how to deal with them.
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TRAVEL 12 Best Beach Vacations for You
/ OCTOBER 30, 2021
Summer break is approaching; do you have a vacation plan? If not, plan for a beach vacation. Below are several of the best beach vacation options you can take. Go there, and you will make your free time worth remembering.
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TRAVEL China's Great Wall in Length and More
/ SEPTEMBER 16, 2021
Do you know the total length of the Great Wall in China? You might be surprised to learn that it is 13,170 miles long. It's not a single wall, but actually a series of multiple walls, trenches, towers, and fortifications that spread along the northern portion in China. The Great Wall in China is made up of a combination of materials, such as stones, bricks, wood, chalk, lime, and gravel. It was constructed to protect China from foreign invaders. Apart from protecting the country during different wars, the wall also plays a role in controlling immigration and emigration. Over time, the gigantic length of the wall has also earned it various informal names. In many poems and literary works, the Great Wall in China has been called 'The Earth Dragon.'
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SAVING Show Stage for PrettyLittleThing
/ APRIL 26, 2022
The UK fashion brand PrettyLittleThing has taken the retail world by storm since its inception in 2012. The Boohoo-owned outfit trades at a price its target consumers love, with a sense of in-your-face fashion many other brands are struggling to keep pace with. Young people know exactly what they want these days, and they're not as readily swayed by high-end ad campaigns as they are by influencers, their friends, and options to return or bin what they don't like. That's not to say there's not quality and style at PLT, and with buy now/pay later options in interest-free installments via Clear Pay or Klarna, come on and get 2022 hotter!
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SAVING The Best Savings Accounts to Grow Your Money
/ AUGUST 12, 2021
Everybody says that the best way to accumulate wealth is to save the money that you don't spend. But how do you save? Do you stash your money under the mattress, or buy a safe and arrange stacks of dollar bills like in the movies? What will you do?
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